July 8, 2020

Monumental Heist

A Story of Race; A Race to the White House

Landrieu Concrete, the $2 Billion Terminal and 32 acres of concrete

Landrieu family as a DBE, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, members acquired a small concrete company months before Mitch Landrieu announced plans to build a new terminal requiring 32 acres of wetlands be covered with concrete.

Purchase Orders were awarded to General Contractors who then purchased concrete from Landrieu Concrete.

Landrieu Concrete trucks at new New Orleans terminal

The New Terminal is Estimated to have the following Impacts

Extra cost for a family of four going on vacation: $300.00 to $500.00 in increased air fares, parking, or ground transportation such as rental car or transportation to or from the airport.

Adding 50,000 to 100,000 tons of CO2 annually to the City’s CO2 production. The terminal was not built to any environmental standards and is located 1.5 miles further from downtown New Orleans adding 17,000,000 vehicle miles per year per the FAA Environmental Impact Report.

Dividing the Veterans Heights neighborhood of 5,000 in half with the new exit road.

Consuming $200 million in state funds to build the new exit road. Money that comes from cancelling other planed projects.

Adding 3 minutes and more to airplane taxi time as the airport runways were designed for a South Terminal not a North Terminal.

Employee parking remains on the South Side requiring an extra hour per day of transportation time for workers at the new north terminal.

Rental Cars remain at the south side, which built a new $300 million facility a few years back.