July 5, 2020

Monumental Heist

A Story of Race; A Race to the White House

Dividing America with False Information

Numerous errors and false statements are found in Mitch Landrieu’s book.

“The Cult of the Lost Cause” Email of June 25, 2015 by  Bob Becker, Chief Operating Officer of City Park,

The email was to Brooke Smith of Mayor Landrieu’s office. Smith then sent the email to Scott Hutchinson and Mark Romig.  Becker suggested the 1999 application by a staff member named Jonathan Fricker of the State Park’s Office would help justify removing the Beauregard statue.

The email contained an attachment as the application from 1999 in which Fricker opens the application with claiming the statue was part of the cult of the lost cause.

However historian Walter Isaacson was asked while speaking at Newman School on the PGT Beauregard Statue and stated it was put up by noble people for noble reasons.

Fricker and Becker did not reference the minutes of the 1893 Beauregard Monument Association

There was no reason for Fricker bring up “The Cult of the Lost Cause” in the application for a 84-year-old piece of impressive art.  Plus he was wrong. The minutes of the Beauregard Monument Association indicate the statue was erected to promote “Patriotism and Civic Duty.”

Bob Becker did not supply the Association minutes nor dedication speech to the Mayor’s Office.

The Cult of the Lost Cause

“The Cult of the Lost Cause” concept relating to monuments  has been pushed by politicians to insult and disparage political opponents.

Bob Becker Email June 25, 2015

To: Brooke Smith of Mitch Landrieu’s Office. “I am looking for the way forward that the Mayor wants to follow.”

Mitch Landrieu’s Book

“The Cult of the Lost Cause” 

In 2015, after receiving Bob Becker’s email, Mitch Landrieu and his staff made “The Cult of the Lost Cause” their mantra.

Page 165

Landrieu’s Staff, Bob Becker and Brooke Smith, push the “The of the Lost Cause” theme to justify removing the priceless art 

Landrieu references how his staff researched and discovered the words “The Cult of the Lost Cause” on an application Jonathan Fricker filled out in 1999 to place the statue on the National Register of Historic Places.

Simple errors in Landrieu’s book

Ruby Bridges was in 1960

Page 17 – Landrieu writes that in 1962 under Mayor Victor Schiro black students, including Ruby Bridges, were denied access to a public school and Democratic President John F. Kennedy deployed Federal Marshalls. That event occurred in 1960 under Mayor Chep Morrison, who mentored Moon Landrieu, with Republican President Dwight Eisenhower deploying Federal Marshalls.

Father Harry Tompson arrived Freshman year

Pages 7 to 9 – Landrieu writes that as an eight grader at Jesuit High School. Principal Father Harry Tompson informed him of a death threat to him and then walked him across the street to basketball practice. That would be during the 1973-1974 school year. However Father Harry Tompson did not arrive at Jesuit until the 1974-1975 school year and none of he players on that team remember the event.

Complicated Errors: The Payment Scheme to Remove the Art

Pages 1-2 Not being able to rent a crane to remove the monuments. The city of New Orleans awarded a $600,000.00 contract to Cuzan, LLC to remove the monuments. Thus Cuzan, LLC would be responsible for providing cranes to remove the monuments as part of its contract.

Cuzan, LLC was the only company to bid the project. Others were approached, but became concerned at the method being used to pay them. Landrieu sent Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant to meet with potential contractors. Grant informed them they would be paid by the Foundation for Louisiana. Since no one for the Foundation for Louisiana was at the meetings, there was suspicion on the legality of this scheme.

As Mayor Mitch Landrieu transferred over $1,000,000.00 to the Foundation for Louisiana from the Wisner Trust Fund in the months prior to the Foundation for Louisiana paying Cuzan, LLC $600,000.00 for the monument removal and spending another $400,000.00 for equipment.

Cuzan, LLC then hired New Orleans firemen to use the cranes to remove the art.